4 Time Management Tactics for Busy Entrepreneurs – Get More Done!

Being able to manage time properly is an invaluable skill. Here are four time management tactics that busy entrepreneurs can employ to get more done.

Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or if you’ve been one for long, being an entrepreneur entails many professional and personal traits. It does require a lot of work to launch, execute, grow, and scale an online business. It is imperative for entrepreneurs to carefully weigh in every decision and optimize the time available. After all, God gives everyone the same amount of time – it is we that decide what we do with it. And, for sure, being able to manage time properly is an invaluable skill. Here are four time management tactics that busy entrepreneurs can employ to get more done.

Break Down Activities into Simple Problems

Many countries and leaders have used this principle to achieve success in their endeavors. Personally, I’m sure you have too!

The mind runs into blocks whenever there is a huge problem presented before it. It takes time to work around the huge problem and find optimal solutions. However, this is something you can simply overcome just by simplifying the problem. Take the problem at its face value and break it down into smaller parts. Don’t get me wrong – breaking a problem into smaller parts doesn’t give you more problems to solve – it gives you more solutions to use. Some of these smaller parts can be automated or completed quickly and will not require intensive consumption of your resources – primarily your mind.

Successful entrepreneurs take the time to break complex tasks down into smaller pieces to make the process easier to comprehend and follow.

For example, if you’re just setting up a business, you need to collect payments. But how? You will need to establish a payment gateway. For that you need a bank account. To set up a bank account you need a business name. You need to get your business name registered. You’ve just broken down your problem into parts. You will learn the complete process in my courses.

Establish A Priority Matrix

Everyone has priorities and everybody sets them up differently. Most of the time, these are based on the deadlines for the goals you want to accomplish. Your business has goals – you want to achieve a certain ROI, target a certain audience, promote a certain product, etc. Some are long-term goals, others are short-term. Learning to prioritize them properly is necessary for you to realize achieve your goals without compromising on quality or efficiency. If you plan carefully, your priorities will be set in order and you can achieve your goals without difficulty!

Start with the Easy, Move on to the Difficult

If you’re not self-motivated to complete a set of tasks you’ve assigned to yourself, you’re on the path to failure. When you face a mountain of tasks, don’t be discouraged. Remember, tunnels are built by blasting small pieces of rock at a time until a pathway is cleared. The easiest way to do this is start your day by completing something small. Every task completed gives you a sense of relief that there’s one less thing to worry about for the day. This sets your wheels in motion, changes your mood to a positive one, and gives you a head start allowing you to focus on weightier matters later in the day.

Plan Ahead

Don’t ever let planning eat its way into your precious time. Time lost cannot be regained. Chart out your plan for your business. Start with the larger goals and establish a deadline for them. The smaller goals, then, can be placed appropriately on your timeline, helping you work towards achieving them and your larger goals as a result. New tasks will always come up – but your goal plan will help determine if these new tasks fall into the purview of these goals or some other. Planning ahead helps you manage your time during the day or week more efficiently.


No matter how efficient your strategy for managing your time is, there is always room for improvement. With these four, time management tactics, you can start to improve your productivity and accomplish more throughout your day.



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