6 Secrets of Successful Webinars

How do you make the best of your webinars? They take time to create and if you don't have the required ROI your effort is in vain. Here are 6 secrets of successful webinars you can use.

Over the previous few years, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of webinars which have popped up at some point of time while you were on the Internet. Companies have started adopting virtual classes/streaming for their training programs – and, truth be told – it is helping their bottom line! When it comes to businesses using webinars, there is no dearth of these sessions. The question to ponder upon is this – Are all these meetings successful? In other words, did they help the organizer meet thier goals?

The most pertinent question for us now is simply this: What makes a great webinar? Here are a few features of successful webinars that I’ve personally discovered attending countless sessions over the years (yeah, it’s true – I did sign up for a ton of webinars).

Focus on Solving Customer’s Problems

All the webinars I’ve attended addressed a problem that I was facing. It felt like the host was talking to me. It was almost as if the host had read my mind, or that he was so closely associated to my problem. And, the reason I stayed on these webinars was to find that solution they had to offer. Believe me, if there was no solution offered in the webinar, I would NEVEr join another session conducted by that host.

Connect and Empathize With the Customers

The crux of the meeting should be to inspire and motivate your customers (at the moment, potential customers) and in the process establish yourself as an authority figure or a fellow sufferer who had found the solution and no longer suffers. The goal is to educate. While the webinar cannot really address ALL the problems that all the customers on the meeting have, it should still be able to address most. It can be done by sharing your own experience of the problems you faced.

And, to establish that connect, you need to tell the customers what they will need to do early on in the session. Don’t go beating around the bush when you can keep throwing in some nuggets of knowledge to keep the interest levels high. Don’t be boring. Attempt to connect with your listeners.

Include Verifiable Facts

It’s just simple. One lie about a fact and your entire presentation will quickly go downhill. You don’t want that. People attend webinars to find and solve very specific problems. Your presentation should include these specific problems and their solutions. That’s what the customers want. That’s what you will aim to give. That’s what increases the value of your delivery.

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Keep the Webinar Registration Form Simple

While working with onshore partners in my previous agencies, I often heard the onshore team managers say that they want to make things easy for their team and don’t appreciate adding any steps to the process that takes away efficiency. It’s simply unnecessary. And so it is with the registration form. What do you need for the person to join your webinar? Shouldn’t the name, email and phone number suffice? Don’t create a page-long form that looks like a Passport application form! Keep it simple. You will have more registrations.

Provide an Agenda (or what to expect from the webinar)

The best meetings in the world always have an agenda. It keeps people on track. It maintains momentum. It allows people to understand what to expect and prepare accordingly. Follow your agenda. Layout the presentation in story form. Don’t get to the conclusion at the beginning of your story – no one will stay any longer. Create interest and curiosity. Provide facts from your experience. Don’t overload them with information they already know. Keep the fluff to a minimum.

Use Graphical Representations

Of course you have a presentation for the webinar. but, is yours just a transcript of what you’re saying? That’ll be good for a video sales letter, but not a webinar! Follow presentation best practices and you will see that your engagement levels are higher. Use less text on each slide. Explain concepts with graphs and charts. Use infographics when possible. Demonstrate with video or a live walkthrough (if required).

Following these practices will transform your regular webinar to a powerful, lead converting session.

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