How to Overcome the Most Common Affiliate Marketing Challenges

If you're just starting out in Affiliate Marketing, though it is the easiest of businesses, you will face challenges. In this article you will learn how to overcome them.

So, you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer. Great! Congratulations!

What made you decide?

  • Was it the ease of the business?
  • Was it the lure of an easy buck?
  • Is it your goal to be free from your day job?

Whatever your reason, affiliate marketing is a very good business to start, and I applaud your decision to get into this industry.

Before I talk about the challenges, let me tell you some facts about this industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to discourage you – I just want you to know the truth, so you don’t get disappointed or discouraged later on.

Truth #1. Affiliate Marketing is a highly competitive industry.

affiliate marketing is competitive

There are so many people who’ve caught on to the affiliate marketing trend that there is no dearth of this group online. The primary benefactors of this massive population are the product creators – they have 1000s of affiliates to bank on promoting their products.

That’s your problem. Too much competition. Your campaigns have to outperform your competitors promoting the same products during the same time.

So, don’t forget your creative cap when you leave home to go to your affiliate marketing ‘office’.

Truth #2. Affiliate Marketing takes time to start generating revenue.

affiliate marketing takes time to realize revenue

While it is true that many affiliate marketers hit off on the right notes and won big in short spans of time, for the majority it is a painstaking wait along with a lot of hard work. Yes, I did say ‘hard work’. Being an affiliate demands a lot of your time and effort.

Now, believe me, affiliate marketing is very profitable. It has made more millionaires than any other business, I suppose. However, the fact remains – it takes time. If you are patient, consistent and diligent you will see results.

Truth #3. Affiliate Marketing is NOT saturated.

is affiliate marketing saturated

Now that must sound like music to your ears, right? It should because it is great news! Let me clarify. Earlier I said this industry is highly competitive, and now I’m telling you it’s not saturated – how?

It all depends on the niche you’re in, and there are millions to choose from. If you choose the right niche and narrow down to a good sub-niche, you will be set for life.

Now that we have the truths out of the way let’s get to the challenges and learn how to overcome them.

Challenge #1. How to find the best affiliate offers to promote?

finding the best affiliate program

Good question!

Not every product on the market is worth promoting to your audience (which, I believe you’ve already identified). Not every good product is a best seller. Not every product that is sold is retained by the customer (they ask for refunds within the guarantee period).

So, where are these products and how do I find the best one?

I have some suggestions for you in the video below.

  • Create an account on these affiliate networks:,, and It’s free.
  • Watch this video to learn how to pick the right product on each of these sites.

Challenge #2. How do I promote these products that I just identified?

promoting products

This is one of the biggest challenges affiliates face. Especially beginners. We’ll answer this question in just a bit.

There are many different ways to promote affiliate products. Some of them are paid methods. I’ll list out all these methods and you can choose to use whichever you feel is the easiest.

FREE Methods

  • Blog promotions. If you have a website or a blog, you can make use of this site to write up reviews of the products you recommend and place your affiliate links in the article content, the sidebars, and pop-ups. Now, if you’re just starting out you may not have a lot of people reading your blogs yet, so you’ll need to use a combination technique to get people to your blog. Keep reading.
  • YouTube video reviews. If you’re comfortable on camera, or if you like making videos, you can use YouTube to your advantage. Create a detailed review about the product (it will be great if you have access to it and show your viewers how to use the product). Link to your blog in the description and comment sections to drive people to read your detailed review. (This is one of the combination techniques I just mentioned a little earlier).
  • Social media posts. Write a small post for your social media followers and link back to your blog article. If you place your affiliate link in the posts, your post may not show up in the feeds. So, it’s always better to drive people to your blog. Make your blog the central hub for your affiliate marketing efforts. Platforms you can use include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Of course, if you have an account on Reddit, that’ll work too!

PAID Methods (use only if you’re 100% sure the product will convert)

  • Google/Bing Ads. Sign up for accounts with Google and Bing Ads. Set up a campaign for the promotion. The start and end dates can be set to coincide with the launch dates of the product, or just leave the end date blank if the promotion is evergreen. Create an ad group (or a number of ad groups) based on the theme(s) of the product. Add relevant keywords in different match types to each of the ad groups. Include negative keywords to ensure your ads don’t show up for irrelevant search queries. Create an ad – title, description. You can have multiple ads if you want to rotate and test them. Set a budget for your campaign and activate the campaign. Note: This is just a high-level view of what needs to be done in Google and Bing Ads platforms. If you want detailed training for these platforms, leave a comment below the article and I’ll create a detailed article for you.
  • YouTube and Display Ads. Display ads work very well. They are paid ads, but are a lot cheaper. The set up is similar to that of Google Text Ads, but the only difference is that you will be using a video to advertise the product and not text. The campaign type you will select for this will be “Video” or “Display” campaign. You’ll need to select the audience you want to promote your offer to.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads. This is another effective way to promote your affiliate product. The setup is similar to that of the YouTube ads. You can have different media to promote your product – images and videos. The ads don’t cost too much, and the reach is very high. Use with caution.

Challenge #3. Do I need approval to promote the products? If so, how do I get it?

approved for promotion

As a new affiliate marketer you will face this challenge. Vendors will not approve new affiliate marketers easily. They don’t want their stats to get hurt. For example, if I’m a new affiliate marketer and I send a 100 people to the affiliate link (my friends, co-workers, family members, neighbors, some freebie seekers, etc.) and only 1 of them buys the product, the vendor’s CTR is just 1%. That’s low. However, while that is fine, if the one customer decides to refund because he didn’t find the product meeting the expectations set by my over-hyped review, the refund rate for the vendor takes a hit. The vendor normally wants to keep the refund rate extremely low, and that is why new affiliates are seen as threats rather than partners. So, how do you overcome this challenge?

I have both good news and bad news. The good news is that you don’t need prior approval for products listed on ClickBank and Digistore24. Just find a product you want to promote and click “Promote”. That’s it. You will get your affiliate link.

It’s a different story on JVZoo and WarriorPlus. You have to apply for approval. Over 50% of my applications on these networks were not approved. But, that doesn’t stop me from applying for more products. It shouldn’t stop you either. Let me give you a template you can use to submit your application on these networks.

“Hi {vendor name}, I’m interested in promoting your product – {product name}. I will be using my blog, YouTube reviews and PPC to drive targeted traffic to your offer. I’m fine with delayed. Can you please approve my application? Thanks, {your name}”

You can make changes to this template to suit your writing style, but this should work in most cases. Stay honest, and stick to your word. If you are associated with a well-known vendor/affiliate marketer on the platform, you can mention their name too (may be helpful).

One more important thing: Please make sure that your profile is up to date on all these platforms.

There are other challenges as well, and if you are facing any do leave a comment so I’ll know what you’re facing and be able to help you out.

You can also view the Free Affiliate Marketing Introduction Training available on the home page of my site, or simply view it on YouTube here.

Don’t forget to connect with me to stay updated on the latest developments.

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