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Kindle publishing can be a super profitable business opportunity. In this article you will learn how to publish on Kindle fast.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be the owner of a set-and-forget business – the kind where you do the work once but reap the profits over and over and over again? Of course, that’s what most people dream about. These dreamers only dream of living their dream life. But, there are others who have realized this dream and are now living totally free. I’m sure you’re already leaning towards the second category. Good for you!

It all started with Amazon – the bookstore that revolutionized the ecommerce world. And now, they’ve opened their doors for anyone to become business owners publishing ebooks and more. They created even more opportunities for all writers to target their enthusiastic readers on multiple platforms and devices. Yes, I’m referring to the Kindle e-readers.

The Kindle e-store boastfully carries millions of titles that cater to readers of all ages and tastes, and are available in 10s of genres. We’re not talking about hard copies. All these are digital books. Why, you may think, are there so many books in this store?

The answer is simple. The opportunity is huge. People are investing in fancy devices – including ebook readers – and are moving away from phusical copies of books to digital copies. These books are cheaper than the hard copies, easier to carry, comfortable to read (and listen).

This is a lucrative business opportunity.

Now, how do you make a profit in this industry?

You just need to write a book and publish it on the Kindle store. Duh!

“Yeah, yeah, that’s obvious”, you might say, “but, how do I publish books on Kindle, and how long will it take me?”

The above question is the more pressing one that deserves an answer.

Personally, I’m also an author (if you read the about me page) and have published one ebook to my name till now. It didn’t become a bestseller. Perhaps, it hardly got any traction.

Reason: I published in a very competitive market with some other similar titles as well (which I didn’t know existed). Well, I can’t say my venture was a failure, but it wasn’t a wildly successful one either.

I must have done something wrong.

Perhaps, I got the category or age criteria incorrect?

Or, did I publish without sufficient research into the niche?

Or, was my cover not attractive enough?

Oh, so many questions (and a few regrets)!

If only I had some kind of training to guide me through the publishing process, I feel I would have done better.

And, that’s why I’m presenting this business opportunity to you.

I discovered a course that shows you how to create Kindle ebooks the easy way. No fluff, no flannel. Simple straight forward guide to publishing success.

The market that you will be exploring is one of the HOTTEST Kindle markets currently – Illustrated books.


The opportunity in review is a coaching program that has been created by successful Kindle publishers Rob Corrigan and Barry Joyce called Easy Illustrated eBooks. They reveal everything they do in their profitable Kindle business and show you exactly how you can copy their method to achieve success in your publishing venture.

You get access to everything – the complete method with nothing left out. Plus, you won’t need to buy any other product or service to accomplish your goal. Like them, you can be on your way to generating over 1400 Kindle sales in a few weeks.

Watch as they show you how to produce an Illustrated eBook from start to finish in just two hours and have it for sale in less than a day. 

What’s more, Rob and Barry give you their own templates, the ones they developed and use in their own business on a daily basis so you can get it right, first time, every time! 

The Easy Illustrated eBooks Course is a complete blueprint to successfully building your own range of highly profitable Illustrated eBooks on Kindle and other eReading platforms.

Here is a little of what you will receive today when you invest in this massive opportunity:


  • Exclusive step by step training
  • tons of hugely informative videos
  • Exclusive private members area
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Rob and Steve’s own Kindle Templates in doc, docx and odf
  • Red hot Kindle niches eBook, to help you get started in highly profitable niches today!

And much much more… This is a fantastic opportunity to get some of the best training around and get the most from your Illustrated eBook business.

Click the image below to get instant access.

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