SOS – The Most Dangerous Acronym for Internet Marketers

SOS is not a distress signal for Internet Marketers. It is a sign of the danger they already are in! Read to find out if you've been affected.

Do you know what SOS stands for? Well, in the sea world this has a great implication for all sailors. SOS stands for “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship”. It is a distress signal that calls any ships in the vicinity to come to the distressed ship’s aid. Perhaps its sinking. Maybe the engines failed. Or could be a hijacking!

This acronym is not dangerous for sailors – it is a matter of salvation. When the SOS is acknowledged there is relief. Hope is created. Energy is re-channelled. People survive.

Now, let’s come to our title. How is SOS – a call for help – dangerous for the Internet Marketer? It’s unlikely that all Internet Marketers are working from the ships at sea, right?

Enough suspense! Here’s the acronym as related to our industry.

Shiny Object Syndrome.

Ok, it’s not a disorder, but don’t let me stop you if those thoughts came into your mind. 😊

What’s this Shiny Object Syndrome?

I hadn’t heard many marketers use this phrase a few months ago, but of late I see almost everyone using it in their campaigns. Here’s how Wikipedia puts it:

Shiny object syndrome is the situation where people focus all attention on something that is current and trendy, yet drop this as soon as something new takes its place.


The problem with this syndrome is that people tend to focus on this new product completely, regardless of how valuable or helpful it may turn out to be. It seems like the best decision at the moment. Ultimately, the person has only been distracted from the real work that needed to be done.

Who is most affected by the Shiny Object Syndrome?

The ones affected by this syndrome are those people who have a terrible Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). You might have heard of this, or even succumbed to this a couple of times. (I know I have, nothing embarrassing about it). The distraction of the shiny objects clouds the judgment, and you end up making the wrong decision.

How do you get rid of the Shiny Object Syndrome?

This is a tough question. The answer may not be easy to implement either, but it’s not impossible.

Set Specific Goals for Yourself

This will help you avoid and get rid of the SOS issues plaguing you. When you’re sure of the goals you’ve set for yourself you will know what needs to be accomplished, and by when. Stick to these goals and don’t waver. No matter what comes up as a distraction don’t give in.

Understand and Analyze the Current Trends

Uninformed conditions lead to distractions. Don’t look at the current ‘big thing’ that’s happening and assume that it is here to stay. Go back into history. See what has been there for a long time, and then analyze if the current ‘big thing’ can live up to those expectations. If it does, it will stay, and you can jump on the trend as well. If it doesn’t, stay away. Don’t get distracted.

Take FOMO Objectively

Well, this is extremely difficult to overcome. It’s a strong psychological factor that needs careful consideration. Take new internet marketing product launches for example. You don’t need to buy every new product that is launched in the marketplace, do you? What will you do with all those products? Do your due diligence.

It’s common for marketers to create a sense of scarcity in their marketing plans. It is natural. When it comes to you as a buyer, don’t fall for every scarcity message put out there (I know you may disagree with me because there are honest marketers who really do put out these messages and follow through). Let me give you an example. I saw a software product that does the copywriting work for you automatically. It was priced high, had a high discount, and finally sold for $67 one-time limited discounted price. This was about 8 months ago. I saw the same product being sold at the same price even last week! What happened to the Limited Time offer? Isn’t that FOMO?

I didn’t buy this software. I’m not giving in to FOMO. 😊

If you still didn’t understand why SOS is so dangerous for the internet marketer, let me summarize.

Because the marketer is struck with FOMO, he wants to get his hand on any new product that’s launching in the marketplace. He knows that there are offers during launch and wants to capitalize on the cost savings that he would get during this period. The marketer keeps buying new products every week as he feels each one is better than the other. He wants o try everything out in he hopes that one of these will work and start making him the money he desperately needs.

FOMO will always be there. This will fuel SOS. No matter how hard you try to eradicate SOS, it will remain. If you’ve read this article there are chances that you will overcome this syndrome.

So, what’s next?

The next best thing for you is to become a product creator, launch your own product, and market it honestly. If you want to create scarcity, follow through with your statement (example, offer will be taken down on ‘xyz’ date – and, it should be taken down on that date). People will regret not getting your product while the offer lasted and will eagerly wait for your next offer.

More business for you, right?

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