Ultimate Social Media Planner

The Ultimate Social Media Planner

Why does social media marketing fail? There are a few reasons, very important ones. In this article we will discuss these and the solutions.

In today’s world of extremely competitive marketing, you need to have a plan. A strategy. A goal. In this article I will share with you some insights into Social Media Marketing and the ultimate social media planner and how it can help you take your marketing to the next level.

What is the Ultimate Social Media Planner?

In essence, the planner is nothing but a calendar of social media post ideas that can be used as prompts to build out the content for each day of the month. The planner gives you at least 150 post ideas per month, when you only need 30. So, technically speaking, you will not have any shortage of post ideas at least for 3 months.

I’ll talk about the bundled content library in just a moment.

What are the problems social media marketers face today?

Everyone has problems.

Including marketers.


For example, how many people have you seen engaging on your business post on social media? If you have a good number of followers, you’re in an exceptionally good position – you can skip this section and read on to find out how the planner can help you. If you have very less engagement (likes, comments and shares) on your posts, chances are that the audience you are targeting is not business minded.

Now consider this, if your social profile comprises of mostly friends and family members, you’re not going to make any sales! Zilch.

In any marketing endeavor getting the right audience is of prime importance. If you don’t market to them, you’re not going to be found.


The next big hurdle for social media marketers is to have a following. How do you get it? Again, if your following is of a personal kind, don’t expect to monetize it (I know, and I’ve been struggling with this for a long time myself).

There is a simple way to get a following. Create valuable content that features you presenting it. Then, boost this on your network to get more views.

By doing this you are putting your content out there for the world to notice you – not just your close group of friends and family.

Word will spread. If they really like the content you shared, they will share it, like it, comment on it and engage with you!

See? Two birds, one stone!

Of course, DO NOT PROMOTE anything in these videos. You can do that later.


The next problem is sales. How do I monetize my following? Likes and shares can’t be exchanged for cash, can they? Of course, not!

So, what’s my plan of action?

Step 1: Build your following.

Step 2: Engage with them.

Step 3: Promote.

Yay! Finally, we reached the promotion stage. Happy?

The secret to losing followers is to promote all the time!

Don’t ever do that. Follow Pareto’s 80/20 principle (I mean, apply it here).

80% value, 20% promotion.

This should be your secret mantra.

I’ve failed in this matter on numerous occasions. I wanted to earn quick, so I promoted more. Result? Nothing!

Don’t make the same mistakes.

The Ultimate Social Media Planner

Alright, let’s get back to the Ultimate Social Media Planner.

The planner is built to address these issues, but the content will be yours and results depend on your efforts.

Each month will have 80% of value providing posts – motivational, inspirational, educational, free-al (that’s not a word, just thought of making it rhyme). Follow the prompts and you should be on your way to getting good engagement on your posts. Of course, promotions are included in the plan, and they are optional – do it only if you are confident and have already provided enough value to people so that they will listen to you.

Here’s what you get with it:

  • 150 post ideas per month
  • 189 additional post ideas
  • 395 engaging questions
  • 1101 hand-picked quotes from famous personalities
  • Holiday calendar for the top 5 countries


  • Tons of done-for-you content in the library.
  • Watermarking software that can brand all your images fast.
  • Training courses to help you accelerate in social media marketing.
  • And much more.

You should be well on your way to success quickly when you put the Ultimate Social Media Planner into practice. Your social media marketing problems have just been solved.

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